Sunday, 22 November 2015

Why I love Charlotte Tilbury

In this post I was originally planning on talking specifically about two items I have recently brought from Charlotte Tilbury but I had so much to say on the brand and lady herself that I thought I'd have a chat about that too.

I recently went to Dublin to visit one of my besties and we did the things we do best- eat, drink Prosecco and, of course, shopping came into the equation. The beauty hall in Brown Thomas is just perfect, so many different brands but the counter that stood out the most was Charlotte Tilbury's. I haven't been to her counters many times as I don't live anywhere near one, but whenever I do I have a great experience. The staff are so professional and helpful and always make some great recommendations.

This time visiting Brown Thomas I was lucky enough to discover that Charlotte herself would be in the store the following day to talk about her new product launches. The store was absolutely packed, not that I am at all surprised. When you hear someone talking so passionately about make up and the products they've put so much work into creating you can't help but wish they'd just carry on talking. Charlotte talked a lot about your 'Make Up Wardrobe', so much like you dress differently depending on the occasion she talks about how that should be your approach to make up. She has several different looks she bases this around including The Rock Chick, The Sophisticate and The Dolce Vita. What makes it even more clever is that she bundles the products together, so you can go in and decide you want The Rock Chick look and buy all the products she has chosen that would create this- genius!

I already own the Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette and the Love Liberty Matte Revolution lipstick, both of which I love so I knew I wanted to get a couple more things. This time I was eyeing up the face products and decided to go for the Filmstar Bronze and Glow and the Magic Foundation.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow has got to be one of her bestsellers, the amount of people I've heard rave about it is crazy. If I'm honest I've always been a little reluctant to buy it because I'm so fair and finding good contour shades can be tricky. After testing it out and seeing that it is not orange or red undertoned at all I decided to give it a shot. OMG! I should have bought this months ago, I love it so much and using it is a joy. The 'sculpt' shade is just the perfect colour for carving out your cheeks and blends so easily and the highlighter? Its just soooo beautiful, a light golden colour. The thing that really sets the whole thing off is the rose gold packaging, I have to confess I may have just sat and stared at it once or twice.....

I was very excited to give the Magic Foundation a go. Hearing how it has been in the making for five years because Charlotte wouldn't release it until it was perfect sets a very high expectation for this foundation. Does it meet my expectations? YES. Firstly, the shade range is great meaning I didn't end up with something that was clearly too dark for me, in fact the lightest shade was actually too pale for me- I don't think that has ever happened before! I apply this with a buffing brush usually but to be honest it doesn't really take much buffing at all, it blends into the skin so well. The finish I would say is nicely in between matte and dewy... a satin finish is probably the best description. It makes you look glowing without bordering on sweaty (never attractive). I have combination skin and have a constant battle with an oily T-zone so I do have to set this foundation. However, I can go a whole day without have to re apply my powder and I honestly can't think of any other foundations where I don't need to do that. Its marketed as a foundation for all skin types and having worn it a fair few times now I would agree with that statement. Again, its packaged to match the rose gold theme and has a built in pump! Hurrah!!

I have a feeling my Charlotte Tilbury make up love affair is going to be a long one.....

Have a fab week,

Jasmine Xxx

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