Sunday, 24 January 2016

MUA £1 lippies

MUA is a brand that is available from Superdrug and I have been testing out their £1 lipsticks, here's the verdict....

This range has a wide selection of colours and I have five of them, I did notice the other day some new shades have appeared so I need to go back and have a good look at those! They come in sleek black packaging with silver writing and detailing, obviously it's not the best  packaging I've ever seen but its not the worst either and for the price I think its good. I also like that they have a cute little pot of lipstick on the end, I don't actually use it but I think the idea is that you use a lip brush with the pot if you want to which is a nice touch.

L-R- Persian Rose, Shade 16- Nectar, Shade 13, Shade 1 and Shade 2

For me I want a lipstick that lasts well and doesn't move about all over my face, once my make up is on I don't like having to faff and touch up all the time. These last surprisingly well, no they don't last well through a meal and yes they transfer on to glasses when drinking etc however there is still a fair amount left on the lips and its normally just the corners that I find really need fixing. To be honest I have more expensive lipsticks that need reapplying after eating too so it's not the end of the world. 

Wearing Shade 1

I find these lipsticks apply really smoothly and don't go all horrible and crusty like some seem to on me, I do prep my lips with scrub, lip balm and lipliner but again I do that everytime I wear lipstick so its not like I'm doing it especially to make these apply better or last longer. They also reapply and layer well.

They do have a scent to them but its not particularly strong and I can't smell it when its on my lips but if you have a whiff straight from the tube it does smell a bit playdoughy, for me I don't mind as I quite like that smell.

Overall for a quid you really can't knock these, ok so the packaging may be a little cheap and they may need reapplying throughout the day every now and again but on the whole I think they're amazing and I'm so impressed. I definetely need to grab some more colours of these next time I'm in Superdrug, they also now do a matte range of these so I'm really keen to try those out too. 

What bargain lipsticks do you love?



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