Saturday, 16 January 2016

Salon worthy nails for under a fiver- thanks Rimmel!

What girl doesn't love a little manicure session? I know I certainly do, I find it quite relaxing and good nails make me feel nice and put together. Now, having said that I am a bit of a sod with maintaining nice nails, I go through such phases of being really into making them look pretty and then phases of doing zilch with them. I just find I have a bit of love/ hate relationship with them so I like products that make it as easy as possible. 

Therefore when I look for a nail polish range I want them to be cheap, chip resistant, easy to apply and have a big colour selection. I noticed the other day that I've accumulated quite a few of these Rimmel Salon Pro ones for these exact reasons so figured that makes them post worthy. This product is advertised as having Lycra in it, in all honesty I'm not sure exactly how this works but I think its meant to improve the formula (if anyone knows please leave me a comment!). I do find these really long wearing and the slightly wider brush makes them so simple to apply.

Left to right- Cocktail Passion, Ultra Violet, Reggae Splash, New Romantic, Soul Session and Saturn

After two coats the colour is really glossy and opaque, as you can see in the below pictures. I would normally then go over these with a topcoat but I really do think you could get away without it because they look so shiny on their own.

My two favourite shades in this range are the nude ones created with Kate Moss, Soul Session and New Romantic, they just look so classic and simple which I have found I prefer in nails these days but obviously the brighter ones come out when the sun does.

At £4.49 each I think these are definitely worth the money, even more so if you manage to get them in a 3 for 2, bargain!




  1. Rimmel Soul Session is literally my favourite polish ever! It's dries so nicely and doesn't leave those horrible lines

    1. Couldn't agree more, its the best, I have it on right now! haha x