Wednesday, 27 January 2016

theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette review

The Balm is a brand that I've always really wanted to test out (Mary Lou Manizer you will be mine one day) so I was thrilled when I got the Nude 'Tude palette for Christmas, my BFF knows me well!

This palette features 12 eyeshadows which are a mixture of shimmers and matte shades and costs around £30.

Lets talk about the packaging for a mo, its essentially 6 naked woman with the eyeshadow colours covering up their bits which the immature side of me finds hilarious- grow up Jasmine! Having said that I do really like it. The names of the shades are great too and really go with the design on the packaging- shades include Sassy, Sophisticated and Sexy. Also, any palette that features a decent mirror gets a thumbs up from moi. 

The shades include a white which works on me well for an inner corner highlight and a black shade, great for setting gel liner. When using this on a day to day basis I find I gravitate towards the shades Sultry, Sleek and Stand-offish. I've also worn the three brown shimmery shades Selfish, Sophisticated and Seductive smoked out which looks so nice. Seductive, in particular, is quite similar to Mac Woodwinked which I used to obsess over all. The. Time. I do secretly wish there was maybe a more cool toned matte shade in here but that is my only gripe with the colour selection.

L-R Stand-offish, Stubborn, Snobby and Sassy

L-R Seductive, Sophisticated, Selfish and Sultry

L-R Sleek, Serious, Sexy and Silly

As with all powder eyeshadows I use a base with these first to prep my eyelid and then apply them with my usual eyeshadow brushes (the palette does actually come with a little brush but I haven't tested that out). The colours are really well pigmented and apply smoothly which is always a good start, I also find these are so easy to blend out. At the end of my working day there is usually a little creasing but I can live with that as I find that with most brands anyway so no biggie.

I am so pleased with this palette and think it'll be so handy for travelling because you have the day and night time looks in it. I have found myself eyeing up the Nude Dude palette which is also in this range, if you'd like me to do a review on that one too then please leave me a comment :)



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