Sunday, 14 February 2016

Mac lipliner collection

Personally I love reading these kinds of posts 1) because I'm nosey and 2) because I love researching what to get next so I thought I would show you all my Mac lipliner collection. These are the ones I use all the time and I'm always eyeing them up when I go to Mac. I've got a swatch of each and I'll briefly go through what I like to pair them with and all that stuff, I won't go in to too much detail though as we'll be here all day!

The first ones I'm going to talk about are the regular 'Lip Pencils', they're £12.50 each. The formula of these are great and long wearing, as with most products certain shades seem to work better than others but on the whole I love these hence me having way too many.....

The nudes

L-R- Whirl, Spice, Soar, Dervish, Subculture and Boldly Bare

Whirl- a brown toned pink shade, this is the pencil that everyone claimed Kylie Jenner wore and it sold out immediately. I think I hunted for this for about 6 months before I finally found one in a Mac store! Well worth it as I use it loads. I def think this one is worth giving a 'whirl', ha geddit? Sorry, lets move on....

Spice- very similar in colour to Whirl but with more pink in it, personally I prefer this to Whirl. I find Spice to be really well pigmented and looks great with so many of my nude lipsticks. Love it.

Soar- my absolute favourite, I go on about this all the time. It's a gorgeous mauve, pink tone and if I had to get rid of all my lipliners (Oh God!!) then this would be the one I kept without a doubt. 

Dervish- a rosy pink colour, looks great with pink toned nudes. If you're not too sure about the 90's lip trend then I would give this a go initially as its not too dark but still gives a similar look.

Subculture- in all honesty this one is a bit of a miss for me, on my lips it just doesn't really show up. I think if you have quite light lips this would work really well for you but on me you just can't see it. If you own this please tell me what you wear it with so I can give it another go. 

Boldly Bare- so another brown toned shade, what can I say? This leans more on the peach side though so its different enough to justify. This is what I wanted Subculture to be so I'm so pleased with it,

The brights

L-R- Vino, Magenta, Cherry, Chic Trick and Fruit Cocktail

Vino- one of my faves, a deep purple shade which I have worn loads through this winter. A Mac artist put this on me with Viva Glam III and let me tell you, if you have brown eyes that lip combo really makes them pop!

Magenta- a bright pink shade with purple, I bought this purely to go with Mac Flat Out Fabulous lipstick, they are a dream team. It would also work well paired with a bright pink lip for an ombre look.

Cherry- THE red lipliner as far as I'm concerned, glides on easily, tonnes of pigment, does not budge and prevents red lippy from bleeding and giving that awful feathery affect, hurrah!

Chic Trick- another bright pink shade but this is more on the fuchsia side, I can't wait to get wearing this again in the Summer.

Fruit Cocktail- a coral shade, again this'll be coming out in the summer when it finally gets itself here. This would look stunning on tanned skin in particular but I still really like how it looks on my pale skin.

Pro Longwear Lip Pencils

Mac also do lip pencils in a Pro Longwear formula, the formula of these are even better than the original ones. Once they're on they stay on the lips all day and don't dry them out, you could easily use these ones as lipsticks on their own. You do have to pay a little more at £15.50 so they are pricey but I think they're worth it if you want to treat yourself! 

L-R- What A Blast!, High Energy and In Anticipation

What A Blast!- 'Orange' is the only word to describe this shade, matches Mac Morange perfectly and that was the main reason I bought it.

High Energy- a bright, in your face red which also has a bit of orange in it, I love the vibrancy of it.

In Anticipation- a lovely pink shade, would look great on so many people and is a very wearable daytime shade. I tend to pair this with Mac Please Me but it would go with so many other shades so a really versatile pencil. 

I hope you've all enjoyed Valentines day! As always leave me a comment, I'd love to know which shades to get next.



  1. Wow, your collection is amazing! I've never tried a lip liner from MAC despite hearing so many good things, I tend to stick to drugstore ones.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

    1. Aww thank you :) there are loads of good ones in the drugstore, Rimmel ones are great! x

  2. I'm super nosy too, so thanks for this post, ha! You have an amazing collection, here. I love MAC lipsticks, but only have a couple of their liners xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. You're welcome! There is just something addictive about Mac isn't there? Though I think I'm set for lip liners at the moment haha. x