Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites 2016

Another month gone in the blink of an eye and here we are at monthly favourites again. I haven't got too much to talk about this month as I've been on a make up ban so found myself using lots of the same products as last month but there have been a few different things I've been loving this month so here they are....

Lets start with nails, I'm so into muted shades at the moment, Kiko Sand and Essie Chinchilly fit that description perfectly. I never used to like understated nails at all but now I feel like its all I ever wear. These two shades are quite similar but I feel the Kiko one is more on the beige/ pink side whereas Chinchilly has more of a grey tone to it.

For lips there are a few Mac products I've got really into. Firstly, Mac Boldly Bare lip pencil has been something I reach for all the time either to just use on its own or paired with some of my favourite lipsticks. It's a peach toned brown shade but not too on the dark side which I find makes it really wearable on my skin tone. Also, this lip combo is just so amazing I can't get over it, Mac Viva Glam III and Mac Lip Pencil in Vino. I started off only wearing this on special occasions, girls nights out etc but now I just where it whenever it takes my fancy. When looking at Viva Glam III on its own, even though its a deep purple shade it also has a bit of brown in there which makes it a pretty unique shade. I like to bring out the purple in it a bit more which is why I pair it with Vino.

The Estee Lauder BB Highlighter has been an absolute lifesaver for me this month as I've been so busy and therefore pretty tired. I pop this over my usual concealer to add a bit of brightness to the under eye area and hide any tell tale dark circles. Anything that makes me appear fresh and awake gets a big thumbs up and this is definitely in that category. I don't use this on its own as a concealer very often as it is quite sheer coverage but to add a bit of life to your skin this works a treat.

Finally, a product that I really thought my love affair was over with, but no! The Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a very heavy duty powder that is supposed to be used as a foundation. I have to admit I don't use it that way as I like my foundation to be a liquid one but if I'm needing my make up to last a really long time and to keep shine at bay then I load up a brush with this and buff it into my skin. It does look very full coverage using it this way and I wouldn't wear it everyday but sometimes you just need it! Also, you get so much in here that I still don't seem to have made a dent in mine despite having it forever.

I'm hoping the weather gets a bit better throughout April so I can start to use some of my fave Spring time products, exciting!

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