Sunday, 17 April 2016

(Another) Mac lipstick haul

Mac lipsticks really are a thing of beauty aren't they? The amount of colours, the finishes, the smell. I'm sorry but you just can't beat that if you're a beauty obsessive like myself. So on my trip to New York I went armed with a list of lipsticks I wanted and I managed to get my hands on several of them....8 of them actually (don't judge). They were a few pounds cheaper and I was on holiday so I thought why not?

Having said all that about having a list of shades I wanted this one was not on it but I just couldn't resist it- Verve. It's not a shade I had heard a lot about but I am just SO into my brown, nudes at the minute that I fell in love straight away. It's also a satin finish which makes me love it even more as I find they don't bleed or need much reapplying.

I bought Amorous back in the Autumn and have been getting a lot of wear out of it so was keen to give Captive a go. Yes, I know they're very similar and are even the same finish so you really don't need both but Captive is slightly pinker. I would describe this one as a muted berry shade and it looks absolutely gorgeous, I'd really recommend this if you're looking to step away from the typical every day pinks and nudes.

Stone is a shade I have been eyeing up but not dare buy for a while. It's a grey toned brown which I was convinced I just wouldnt be able to pull off. However after much deliberating and googling pictures of the lippy on fair skin tones I decided to just go for it. And I'm glad I did. It's definitely never going to be a shade I wear all the time but I do really like it.

I love deep, vampy reds and Studded Kiss fits that description just perfectly. I believe this is fairly new to the permanent collection and came out last year when Stone and a few others did. I'm a big fan of the matte finishes and now looking at this one again it reminds me a lot of Diva so if thats your thing then this will be right up your street.

I was quite surprised when I first saw the Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick, its a shade that I just could not picture Ariana wearing at all. Don't get my wrong, I love her make up (well I just love her in general) but majority of the time she plays it pretty safe with a nude lip so I was slightly confused when I saw her Viva Glam shade which is a VERY deep purple colour. Having said all that though its amazing and it didn't take much persuasion for me and my best friend to snap it up.

Whilst we're on the Viva Glam theme I also picked up Viva Glam I which is just so me right now, anything thats a brown toned red I just completely gravitate towards. This one reminds me a little of Chilli but definitely has more of a brown colour in it, this will look great in Autumn and Winter so it'll be getting stashed away until then.

I had to get at least one that broke away from the vampy/ brown/ mauve uniform I have been following for the past year so I went for a bright pink shade called Girl About Town. I thought with summer coming up this would look perfect with simple eye looks just to add a bit of colour and as bright pinks go its not too in your face so is pretty wearable.

Mehr is something I have been on the hunt for for bloody ages, its so elusive but thankfully it finally has a home in my collection. This has easily got to be my favourite shade of my newbies, it's an amped up version of Brave which is my all time favourite lipstick so I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. It's much pinker and has a matte finish, I think this lipstick is absolutely beautiful and I can see why its been out of stock everywhere. This is going to be a shade I just can't live without I know it now.

L-R- Verve, Viva Glam 1, Captive, Viva Glam Ariana Grande, Studded Kiss, Stone, Girl About Town and Mehr

Have you had your eye on any of these shades? Or do you own any of them already? Please leave me a comment on what sort of look you wear them with as I'm always looking to mix things up a bit!


  1. Ooo love the colours that you picked.. Didn't realise how pretty Viva Glam 1 that's on the top of mac lipsticks i need to buy next.. i think im gonna do the same as you when i go on holiday pick up a few that i've had my eyes on for ages.. love your pics btw! xx

    1. Viva Glam 1 really doesn't get the love it deserves, you need it! Awww thank you :) Xx