Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Finally, a lip gloss I love!!

I am a lipstick girl through and through, very rarely will I use a lipgloss as I find them gloopy and they seem to disappear within minutes. Therefore, if I am taking my time to write a post about a lipgloss then you know that it must be something special. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses certainly fall into the 'special' category. I had heard a few things here and there about these glosses but in all honesty I wasn't too fussed. It was only when I got to go to an ABH counter in Macy's that I  really noticed the glosses sitting there is all their prettiness.

The first great thing is that they do loads of colours, pinks, purples, nudes, reds they really have thought of everything which means any make up lover can find a new favourite from the range. I picked out three colours- Kristen which is an every day pinky nude colour, Sepia which is an on trend brown and Venom which is a dark purple packed full of shimmer.

L-R Kristen, Sepia and Venom
Normally I find glosses aren't particularly strong in colour and when on the lips they look a bit...meh. These however are so opaque that they don't even seem like a true gloss to me, almost like a liquid lipstick/ lip gloss hybrid which I think it just amazing. The little doe foot applicator makes these glosses so easy to apply and they go on lovely and smoothly. I am very impressed by how comfortable these are to wear, none of that awful, crappy stickiness that you sometimes get with a gloss. The best way I can think of to describe how they feel is a very thick, moisturising lip balm.



For a gloss they have pretty decent staying power, throughout the day I top these up a couple of times. Once the glossiness has faded though the colour is still very much on the lips so they don't really get to the point where they desperately need topping up, I just like the feel of them which is why I keep applying! After eating they fade a little in the corners but not massively so. I do find the darker colours bleed a little which is one of those annoying beauty problems we all face so if you're planning on using them for a night out I would recommend teaming them up with a lip liner so they stay looking nice and crisp.

I wish these were more easily available in the UK because I'm desperate to expand my collection.... I've put several in my basket on Sephora's website so I'm sure its only a matter of time until I cave!!

If you've tried these out please leave me a comment of your favourite colours, enabling is always welcome here :)

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