Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Favourites 2016

Well my birthday month is now over *sobs* but this month has been a great make up month for me and there have been a few products I have been completely in love with *cheers*. I started the month by going to IMATS with my friend Emma which was brilliant, it was so good to see products and brands that aren't usually easily available in the UK and even better that most were discounted. As you can imagine a lot of damage was done which is why I have some new make up (and one random) faves to share with you all.

I'll start with something that I didn't get at IMATS first though as I have just found myself using this product a lot this month. It's the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II. I bought four of these lipsticks in America earlier this year as everyone seems to be raving about them and I was a little disappointed if I'm honest, I find them quite drying on my lips and they wear off quite quickly I find too. However, Lolita II is the complete opposite on me, its almost like its a different formula or something. This one is an absolute dream- applies evenly, dries down to a nice finish, doesn't dry my lips out and needs next to none reapplication. Its a gorgeous terracotta colour, think Mac Velvet Teddy, along those lines, and recently I have been enjoying these kinds of colours as an alternative to my day to day mauve shades. If you're looking for a neutral liquid lipstick I would really recommend this, just a bit of a bugger that we can only get it on Sephora here in the UK.

Next up is a primer, I've been on a bit of a mission lately with primer to find some new ones I like (see my post for the Nivea Post Shave Balm here) as they aren't something I tend to change up that often. One of my favourite ever pressed powders is the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot as it keeps shine at bay so well throughout the day, so when I saw they did a One Heck Of A Blot primer I let out a little squeal. It has a lovely texture, not silicone like at all which I really hate in a primer, and I have to say I have noticed a difference with how often I need to re powder my make up when using this little gem. Now I just need to repurchase the powder and see how well they perform together, I have a feeling it will be awesome.

I recently said that I had yet to find a brow product that I liked more or even as much as the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade but I have been using another pomade lately and I'm really impressed. It's the Nyx Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade and its a bargain at £5.50! I've been reaching for this lots and find it easy to work with, sometimes the Anastasia one can be a little too intense if you don't use a light hand but I haven't had that issue with this one. For the quality and the fact its a fraction of the price I feel like this is the one I will be sticking to for now, it feels nice to switch things up a bit.

Earlier this year I got my mitts on some samples of the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment and I absolutely loved it. You can imagine how happy I was when I then got a whole pot for my birthday! I had always avoided hydrating products for my skin as its quite oily but this actually works wonders for me. I apply a layer all over my face before bed about once a week, in the morning when I wash it off my skin is smooth and looks so radiant. If you're looking for a high end skin care treat then I would definitely recommend looking at the GlamGlow range as they do some great products.

I have two blushers that I have been loving, I tried to pick one but couldn't- soz. First up is the Milani Powder Blush in Romantic Rose, the first thing about these is that they are just so bloody cute, that rose pattern gets me everytime. It's a dusty, mauvey type shade which is great for day to day as its so neutral, I am really into these shades at the moment. I actually didn't realise how similar it was to Tarte Exposed blush, which I am also obsessed with. If you're looking for this kind of shade and can hunt down the Milani one then I'd go for that one as they really are twinnies. The Balm Fratboy Blush is something I had wanted for absolutely yonks, another blush that has just the cutest packaging, lets take a moment to appreciate it..... The shade itself is a peachy colour that is just perfect for Spring and Summer. The smallest dusting of this brightens up the face beautifully, love it.

L-R The Balm Fratboy, Milani Romantic Rose and Kat Von D Lolita II
This time I just had to sneak in this non-beauty favourite. I had been on the hunt for a bluetooth speaker for ages as I thought it would be really handy for travelling etc and I found this adorable little cube by Sony. It comes in loads of colours and is only 6cm big so perfect for stashing in your suitcase. The sound is also so clear and good quality so if you're looking for a speaker I would really recommend this one, its £50 which I thought was pretty good.

I hope you all have a great July and that we eventually see some sun!


  1. That fratboy blush by the Balm is such a beautiful colour, I would love to use that!
    Charlotte //

    1. It's just so cute, the colour, the packaging, all of it!!! x