Monday, 28 November 2016

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream stash

If you read my blog reguarly then you probably know I have an unhealthy obsession with Nyx cosmetics that has quickly spiralled out of control since they put counters in Boots! Still, my Advantage Card hasn't been complaining so that makes it ok.....right? Any who one of their most popular products are the Soft Matte Lip Creams which I bloody love so I decided to share my collection with you lovely people.

First off what do I like about this product? Well, they're matte (which I'm sure you gathered from the name), they last well on the lips, they come in a bazillion colours, they're a bargain at £5.50 and they smell of vanilla cupcakes- whats not to like? I do admit they are a little drying after a while but not to the point where I'm itching to take them off. In this range there is a colour for everyone, they go from nudes to pinks to reds to berries to browns..... You get the idea.

My collection isn't too out of control (yet anyway) and currently consists of 7 shades.

Zurich- a light, pinky nude colour. I have to admit I don't get a great deal of wear out of this one as I never feel like these colours suit me much but it is really pretty. Seeing it again makes me definitely want to give it another go.

Milan- another pink I know! The colour on the tube of this one is slightly deceiving, it always looks a lot brighter than I expect it to be but none the less it's a lovely pink.

San Paulo- the first shade I ever got and that started the whole love affair with this product. This is a stunning, deep pink shade which it still one of my faves.

Prague- this one is a good'un, its a vibrant, in your face pink. It definitely has elements of purple in there, if you want a bold lip then this is the one. 

Amsterdam- one of the most vibrant red colours I have ever seen, when you wear this you look like you've made such an effort.

Rome- is a typical 'me' shade, I love a good brown/ mauve nude me! 

Copenhagen- it took me ages to hunt this colour down, it was sold out everywhere but I'm glad I persisted as I love it. It's a gorgeous vampy, berry shade which is perfect with party season fast approaching.

Zurich, Milan. San Paulo, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome and Copenhagen

Putting together this post has reminded me exactly why I adore these lip creams so I better get myself to a counter asap, if you love a shade I don't own please leave me a comment.

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