Sunday, 15 January 2017

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless review

When Maybelline's latest foundation offering 'Fit Me! Matte and Poreless' was released I immediately added it to my shopping list and set off on a trip to buy it. As with any beauty addict I am always on the quest to find a new amazing product to share with you all, yep some are duds and that can't be helped, but when a foundation claims it'll keep me matte and poreless....thats just something I gotta try.

So, whats the deal with this foundation? Well, its £5.99 for a start which is a total bargain I must say, even for a drugstore foundation thats cheap these days. It comes in a variety of shades but some of them appear a little tricky to get hold of, my shade, 110 Porcelain, for example took some tracking down. It comes in a squeezy tube, which personally I like as I don't have to worry about dropping it and its easier for travelling.

On the packaging it claims to mattify, refine pores, match skin tone and texture and give a natural, seamless finish. These are all the qualities I look for in a foundation and this one in particular seems to have been very popular since its release so I had my fingers crossed it lived up to expectations.

I've been putting this through its paces for a while now and overall I have to say, I'm impressed! I apply it with my trusty Beauty Blender and I find after one layer you get a reasonably decent coverage and for a lot of people that would be enough. Personally I like my foundation a little fuller so I did go back in and add a bit more to the centre of my face, to make sure any discolouration is covered. I find this way you don't then need to go in with much concealer which is a bonus.

The finish is definitely 'matte' so to avoid over doing it I just powdered lightly on my T-zone and left the rest otherwise there is a risk of appearing flat which isn't a desirable look is it? To get a good idea of how well this performs I've tested it with and without primer so I can tell just which bit is the foundation and which bit is the primer giving it a hand. 

It doesn't perform too badly without primer but I did find after about 3 and a half hours there was a bit of breakdown around my nose and in some parts it had started to disappear. It wasn't bad enough for it to be really obvious but looking close up I could definitely see that it was moving around a bit in that area. The rest of the face still looked similar to when I had applied it though which is a thumbs up. Without primer after 9 hours there was some gathering in fine lines around my mouth but other than that it held up surprisingly well. 

With primer I had even fewer problems, for reference I paired the Nyx Angel Veil with this which is my fave at the mo. After 6 hours I found again that it started to breakdown a little bit around my nose but having said that I tend to get this with a lot of my higher end foundations too so I ain't going to hold that against it.

Regarding mattifying I would say this 100% does that, typically I powder my face 2 or 3 times a day but with this most of the time once was fine and on a couple of occasions I didn't bother to all day as it didn't need it. After several hours I start to get a bit of a glow on my nose and chin but it doesn't look oily if that makes any sense? It just looks natural.

Around the 'poreless' aspect of this foundation again I found it lived up to its claims, my pores were  less visible than usual and it helped to smooth out the area where they are usually most prominent around the t-zone. Throughout the day as the foundation wore off a little in certain areas I could see that my pores were starting to peak through again but keep in mind I was inspecting my face closely in a mirror under a bright light so it wouldn't have been noticeable to people in passing.

My final verdict is that I'm impressed with this foundation, it keeps me matte for ages and for me that is a big deal. I would pick this over several higher end foundations in my collection and have found since getting it its not been out of my daily make up bag. Seriously guys give this a go if you're looking for a new foundation as you won't be disappointed.

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