Sunday, 19 February 2017

My week in lippies

I first must confess that this post is actually going up a week later than intended (bad blogger moment!) but I still wanted to get it up as I personally enjoy posts like this. Today I am going to share with you all the lip products I wore for a whole week recently, you will probably notice a theme or two with the shades and brands I tend to go for!


Mac Honey Love lipstick and Mac Subculture Lipliner- Honey Love is relatively new to me still but so far I have found it looks best on me paired with Subculture lipliner. It's a little paler than shades I normally pick out but I've been enjoying wearing something a little out of my comfort zone. If you buddy yours up with a different lipliner then please leave me a comment as I'm still playing around with how to wear this one.


Mac Creme In Your Coffee and Mac Morning Coffee Pro Longwear Lipliner- I definitely have a thing for a brown toned nude and this little duo have been a regular in my daily lip rotation for a good few months now. What I like about this one is that in certain lights it almost looks a little on the red side so its a different take on your typical brown shade.


Nyx Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake- This day the only place I ventured out to was the gym, I don't always wear make up there but sometimes I like to put a little bit on just to spruce myself up. This gloss was an easy option, its a very pigmented pink shade so you just need the one swipe. I love how plump these make your lips look and the scent? Deeeelicious!


Nyx Matte Lipstick in Sierra- I was feeling a bit matchy matchy with my lippie and top this day, coordinating these I feel can sometimes make a look much more put together than it actually is. This lipstick formula is great because they don't bleed which means you can get away with no lipliner- yippee!!- and they don't dry the heck out of your lips like other matte formulas can be known to do.


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 2- A very standard 'Jasmine' shade and something that I wear very often. I love the gorgeous terracotta shade of this lippie and it hangs on it there for hours on end so its very fuss free. My favourite eyeshadow look to wear this with is an olive green shade, I just think they compliment each other so well and turn a day to day make up into something a little more interesting.


Mac Chilli Lipstick and Mac Auburn Lipliner- (I did warn you about certain brands cropping up a lot in this post!) I'd had a very neutral week in the lipstick category so I wanted a splash of colour for my look this day, especially as I was heading out for a shopping day with a couple of my friends. I had been on the hunt for a lipliner to go with Chilli for a fair while so I was pleased to discover Auburn in a little swatching session in a Mac store.

Mac D For Danger Lipstick and Mac Nightmoth Lipliner- (Yep, another Mac combo!) After a day of shopping we headed out for a few too many cocktails so of course I had to switch up my make up. I absolutely love a dark vampy lip for a night on the town and this one has been my go to recently.


Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipstick in Chocolate Honey- This smells of chocolate. I feel thats the only point I need to make about this product but as I'm in a good mood I'll tell you a few other things about it. I have the mini size that came in a Christmas gift set so it's very handy for travelling or just chucking in my handbag. This glides on beautifully and feels very moisturising once applied. This day I was travelling home so I didn't do anything too fancy with my make up and this is  easy to just chuck on in a rush.

L-R- Mac Subculture, Mac Honeylove, Mac Morning Coffee, Mac Creme In Your Coffee, Nyx Angel Food Cake, Nyx Sierra, Kat Von D Lolita 2, Mac Auburn, Mac Chilli, Mac Nightmoth, Mac D For Danger and Too Faced Chocolate Honey

That's it for my roundup of weekly lipsticks, I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great week you lovely lot,

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