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Primark beauty haul and review

I've never really tried out the Primark beauty ranges so recently I raided the displays and since then have been testing all the bits and pieces out. I'll warn you now I got a fair few things so this is quite a long post but I hope you enjoy it!


Eyelash curler and pencil sharpener- £1 each

I dont really use eyelash curlers as when I have had some in the past I wasn't that keen so I thought I would give them another go for the sake of a quid. At least they are rose gold, so if I don't start using them they will look pretty in pictures anyway! I also got a new sharpener for my eyeliners and lipliners as quite frankly mine was just looking disgusting, oh and the lid keeps falling off and making a mess everywhere. Again its rose gold and also a double sharpener so it'll sort out my skinny and my chubby pencils.

PS Pro Blending Brush £3.50

I am super impressed with this brush. It's so soft and so far I havent had any pesky shedding with it- hurrah!! I have used this for applying setting powder and finds it picks up a good amount of product and blends it in nicely. I'm now very keen to try out a few more brushes from the range.

Contour Queen Sponge and Holder- £1 (was £2)

I'm not going to lie, I bought this for the holder ok? I am that ridiculous person that wants a nice seat for my Beauty Blender. Of course I wanted to test out the sponge though and well.....its bad. I know you can't really expect something near the quality of the original Beauty Blender for a £1 but this sponge is so hard to work with. I ran it under water for ages and it didn't really expand at all then when I tried to apply my foundation it was so hard and uncomfortable to use that I didn't even try to finish using it.

PS Blender Cleanser- £2.50

Cleaning my make up sponges is always such a chore so I'm on the constant hunt for a cleanser that gets them clean pronto. I was quite happy with this, I found it cleaned my sponges well, it was still a bit of an effort as it always is but it did the job and as this cleanser is a fraction of the price of the one I have been using I can see myself buying this again.

Skincare and make up

PS Micellar Cleansing Water- £2

Who doesn't depend on a micellar water for quick make up removal these days? I get through gallons of the stuff. This one contains rose and vitamin E but I have to admit I wasn't keen on the scent of this one, it was a little chemically which puts me off when I am putting it on my face. I used it a couple of times and gave up, it does remove make up but I'm used to being able to use micellar waters for eye make up removal too and this made my eyes sting... a lot. For that reason alone I doubt I will use this up which is a shame but I have the Garnier version which I know I can depend on!

PS Primer Water- £2

I think we can all agree with looks very similar to the Smashbox Primer Water- twinnies! I had heard a few good things about this and I think others must have too as there weren't many of these left on the shelf. The idea is that you spritz this on your face before you put your make up on and it primes your skin. I'm not really convinced this makes my make up last longer (but it doesn't make it last a shorter amount of time either!) but I do like how this makes my skin feel, it creates a nice hydrated base to put my foundation on.

PS Workout Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara- £2

There were a few of these 'workout' products on the display but majority of the time I don't wear a lot of slap to the gym so didn't want to get loads of the bits, I decided to just opt for the mascara because most of the time I will at least put some of that on. I found that this separates lashes nicely and gives enough of a curl to make you look a little more awake but its not sweat proof. When I wear other mascaras to the gym, which are nearly always non waterproof ones, they dont tend to budge much but with this one I had black all under my eyes. I've given this a fair go now and the same thing happens every time. I look enough of a mess at the gym most of the time, sweating and bright red so the last thing I need is black all around my eyes too!

PS Hightlighter- £2.50

This pen gives a pink highlight which I always think look best on my skin tone. You push the button at the end and the product comes out through the brush, similar to the Touche Eclat from YSL. I always gravitate towards liquid highlighters more when the weather starts to warm up so I've been enjoying having a play with this. It does dry quite quickly so I find it works best applied directly to the skin and then blended out with a damp beauty blender. If you apply too much you do end up with glittery spots where you've put it so its better to go in with smaller amounts and build it up. Once I'd figured out those few things I've been appreciating the glow this gives to my skin.

Spot treatment- £3

You know the scenario you have something really important coming up that you want to look your best for so Mr Giant Spot decides to set up camp slap bang in the middle of your face. It's times like this I need a product that will zap that bugger pronto. I have tried a few spot treamtments previously and not always noticed much of a difference but saw this and decided to give it a go. Thankfully I didnt need to wait too long for a spot to appear (never thought I'd be thankful for that but there you go!). This contains salicylic acid, tea tree, witch hazel and aloe vera which are for spot zapping and skin calming. I applied a dab of this over night and in the morning the spot was still there but a lot smaller and easier to disguise. Very impressed.

PS Pro Lip primer- £3

I needed a new lip primer but its one of those boring products I would rather not spend a load of money on if I can help it. I have mixed feelings about this after testing it out for a while now, I do think it helps to extend the wear of my lipstick which I know is the overall point of a lip primer so thats good. Saying that though, I would expect a lip primer to be a little more moisturising and comfortable to apply than this, it really drags on the lips and just isn't very enjoyable to use. I do expect I'll finish it though as it does get the job done.


PS Top and base coat-£1

I am a slave to the Seche Vite topcoat but at £10 a pop my purse isn't always a fan. Again, this has a nice fat brush which makes application quick and easy. It didnt take too long to dry and gave a glossy finish.

Precious Metals- Starstruck- £1.50

A beautiful shimmery copper shade that went on like an absolute dream. The brush is wide enough to cover your whole nail and its a one coat formula so doing your mani with this wont take long at all. I'll 'fess up that I didn't read the bottle and missed the 'one coat' formula bit so ended up applying two coats, I will say though that as I was applying the second coat I was thinking 'this really doesn't need another coat'. It already looked opaque and gorgeous. I'm super impressed with the formula of this little beauty, it didn't chip for several days even with me carrying out some chip inducing activities....ok, mainly my sheer clumsiness. Still though, I have high end polishes in my stash that are put to shame by the longevity of this. The bottle also seems quite luxe with square shape and metallic, grey lid.

PS Nail polish in Vintage Rose- 90p

Let's start with the good point, the colour is a gorgeous pink shade that will look perfect as the weather starts to warm up. Unfortunately this is the only thing I liked about this nail polish. The formula of this is so thick and gloopy that it was a bit of a challenge getting a smooth, even application. It also took forever to dry, I assume because its so thick, after an hour this was still not completely dry and I ended up smudging most of my nails because I thought it was dry. It also then chipped loads the next day so I just picked it all off as it was such a mess.

PS Quick Dry Nail Polish in Toffee- 60p

I got this because I wear a lot of neutral colours on my nails and as the bottle was so small I thought this would come in handy for touch ups on the go. It claims to dry in 60 seconds and after two coats it did dry out pretty fast, I'm not exactly sure it was a minute but I wasn't sitting there getting bored waiting for it to dry. The formula is a little thinner than your regular polish but I guess this is to make it dry out faster. It had a fairly glossy finish and lasted for about 2 days without chipping so overall I was impressed with this little guy.

So as you can see there were some bits I love- such as the precious metals nail polish and the spot treatment- and there were some things that really didn't float my boat either. I defo now want to test out some more stuff from the range as there are some gems out there waiting to be discovered I know! Leave me a comment of the products you love or loathe from Primark Beauty.

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