Sunday, 30 April 2017

My week in lippies 2

I did a 'week in lippies' post a while back and I enjoyed my little self putting it together so I decided to do another. Day to day I do tend to be more a neutrals girl these days (so you may notice a theme) with the odd pop of colour every now and again.


Too Faced Melted Chocolate Lipstick in Chocolate Honey- I have a mini version of this which is so handy to chuck in your handbag. The formula of this range of lipsticks are great, very lightweight and comfy to wear plus they stay put. Oh and this one has a chocolate scent making it my most delicious smelling lipstick. I like these nude shades for day to day wear as they are easy to whip on and go.


Moving on from delicious smelling lipstick to delicious smelling lip balm and let me tell you, this is a good'un. The Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose has the most amazing fruity, raspberry scent. I had a make up free day this day but had to put something on my dry lips and this lip balm is just so moisturising. I do find this a little addictive to use purely because it smells so nice, I have occasionally opened the tin just to get a good whiff. Yep, I'm that person.


I don't wear lip glosses that often but every now and again I use one for a bit of a change. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Kristen is one of my favourites. It's a gorgeous pink nude and I like this formula because its so pigmented, it's almost like a cross between a lipgloss and a liquid lipstick. It's not sticky at all and feels very smooth on the lips, after a while the gloss does wear off but it leaves behind a colour so it still looks like there is something there.


The Nyx Matte Lipsticks are great and on this day I opted for the shade Eurotrash which is a very 'me' shade, a pink, mauve! No surprises there. I like this because 1) it goes with a lot of different eye looks and 2) the formula is moisturising and doesn't bleed or anything like that so no lip liner is needed- wahoo! I didn't wear much make up at all this day as I only headed out to the gym but just really fancied wearing a bit of lippie so I chucked this on and was ready to go.


Of course I had to wear a Mac lipstick at some point in the week, I've been neglecting my stash of these a bit recently purely because I've been testing out other things but I'm getting back into them again. Persistence is a matte, cinnamon brown shade and it's one of my faves. I tend to wear this with a copper or bronze toned eye as I think they compliment each other well.


Another matte Mac one (I told you I was getting back into them) this time Honeylove. This still has a brown, beige tone to it but it much lighter than Persistence. I always like this for a bit of a change as I don't tend to gravitate towards paler nudes that often as I'm a little conscience they could wash me out but I like this one on me.

I also went out in the evening this day so re did my make up and switched my lipstick to the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Marvellous Mauve which isn't much of a shock as I tend to wear this every week at least once, how it hasn't ran out yet I will never know. Just the perfect mauve shade and the perfect formula. This stuff is amazing, once it's on its there for the day, I am obsessed with this and can't see me ever getting over how damn good it is.


Some days I wake up and just need a bright, red lip in my life and this day was one of those. I opted for the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper as its more of a 'summery' red, it has a slight orange undertone making it nice and vibrant. I do find with this I need two layers as the pigmentation isn't as strong as I would like but it layers well so thats not really an issue. I just find this really brightens up a look. I went for a very simple eye so that the lipstick was the main focus.

L-R Chocolate Honey, Kristen, Eurotrash, Persistence, Honeylove, Marvellous Mauve and Hot Pepper
 Which lipsticks were you wearing this week?


  1. Persistence looks like a lovely shade, I've not heard of this one by MAC before.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. I know, it doesn't get the love it deserves! X