Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Products I've hit pan on

I've seen a few of these type of posts lately and have loved them so of course I had to do one of my own. I've had a sort through my stash and found some products that I've 'hit pan' (excuse the blogger term!) on. Whilst I do use some of them fairly regularly some of them I actually haven't used in a while but you can see I showed them a lot of love at one point!

Let's get started with a bit of a throwback. When I first started to get into make up (I'm talking my teens here) I was obsessed with Benefit and for years I only bought Benefit products, in fact I used to buy so many that the girls on the counter knew my name! That is when my love for the box blushers began, for these two in particular I used them tonnes and got them as soon as they launched. I don't use them so much these days but I do still like them and having had a little swatch I may have to reevaluate  my current relationship with them. Hervana is a very light pink shade, it has several colours in the box that swirled together make up this shade. To me it almost looks a little lilac in certain lights. Personally I have never bothered to faff and try to use each colour on its own because the segmeents are kind of small but you could probably use it as eyeshadows in this way. Rockatuer is my favourite blush from Benefit, it has a subtle shimmer which gives a very natural and radiant flush to the cheeks and the dusty pink shade compliments my skin tone well. A bonus with this is that you could totally skip the highlight.

The Nyx HD Finishing Powder is my current go to and you can see I'm getting through this pretty quick. I love this for several reasons- it's soft, easy to blend, blurs and makes your make up look seamless. It's also less messy than a loose powder!

I am a slave to the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze And Glow and I've made a pretty big dent in the highlight. This highlight is the perfect light, gold shade and I just love it for day to day use. The powder is super fine and glides on beautifully, I like that you can just apply a light sweet for a subtle glow or really build it up for a highlight pop on this cheek bones. I usually apply this to my brow bone and cupids bow too just to emphasise those high points on the face.

L-R CT Filmstar Bronze and Glow Highlight, Benefit Hervana and Rockateur
Moving on to eyeshadows I'll start with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, as you can see I haven't hit pan on all of these but I just had to talk about the two shades I have. Salted Caramel is just the shade to use to carve out your crease, I use this as my first crease shade all the time and go back in to blend out with a clean fluffy brush. It's just the perfect soft caramel, brown colour. I then pair Milk Chocolate with it to deepen up the crease and the outer corner of the eye. I am praying that Too Faced decide to launch single eyeshadows as when these run out I will be a bit lost! As you can see Salted Caramel is starting to look a bit smashed up (I dropped the palette-oops!) and sorry for itself. If anyone knows dupes of these two shades I'm all ears....

Finally I have three Mac single eyeshadow pans. Naked Lunch was a shade I used religously all over the lid for a long time (as you can tell), it does such a good job as its a very subtle pink shimmer that is perfect as a base for other shadows. Satin Taupe is a shimmery, deep grey shade that I always turn to for a smokey eye, it has just the right amount of pigmentation making it easy to work with. Ahhh Woodwinked is just so pretty isn't it? This is one I come back to time and time again, especially when I want something that I can apply in two seconds but will still look amazing. This is the perfect brown, bronze shade and I find this looks best worn on its own, all over the lid and blended out.

L-R Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Naked Lunch, Woodwinked and Satin Taupe

Which products have you hit pan on?


  1. oo this is such a great blog post idea.. it takes a lot to hit pan on so by then you'll have a good idea if you like them or not.. the Nyx powder sounds interesting I hate all the mess with loose powders


    1. It's so satisfying hitting the pan. Give the Nyx one a go, I do still use loose powders but they just get everywhere, nightmare! x

  2. no way have you uploaded this!! I have it in my drafts also haha!! I hateee hitting pan :( xxx

    1. Awwww yay! Great minds think alike ;) looking forward to reading yours xx

  3. Hervana is such a classic for me, I loved it since it was first released! I hate hitting pan on products, it doesn't happen very often as I have far too much makeup.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. Sooo pretty isn't it. I have to admit it was a little struggle finding these in my collection which probably means its far too big..... meh! X