Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The eyeshadows currently in my Z Palette

I tend to switch up the contents of my Z Palettes fairly regularly to make sure that I'm making use of my make up collection, however I have noticed that lately I haven't wanted to. I just love all the eyeshadows I have in there at the mo and think I have found a winning formula. I thought it was worth sharing with you all so I've included swatches and brief descriptions of all the colours living in my palette!

Make Up Geek Shimma Shimma- a very shimmery light pink that works as a lid shade, a brow bone highlight or on the inner corner.

Mac Naked Lunch- another light, pink base shade. This one is less shimmery than 'Shimma Shimma' though so I find it a lot more subtle on the lid.

Mac Ricepaper- this works well as an all over the lid shade too and has more of a yellow undertone to it. (Sorry it didn't swatch very well!)

Mac Nylon- if you're looking for an inner corner highlight to make that part of your eye really pop then this is the one. I dont tend to use it day to day but for a night out or when I just want to look a bit more glam then this is what I reach for.

Mac Omega- this light, cool toned brown doesn't look very exciting I know but honestly its so useful as a crease shade and blending out other colours.

Mac Soft Brown- a very handy matte, crease shade that compliments so many other colours in this palette.

Make Up Geek Creme Brulee- yep, another matte crease shade, that in some ways is similar to 'Soft Brown' but this one is a deeper colour whereas the other has a slight orange undertone to it.

Make Up Geek Frappe- a mid toned, warm brown that I reach for to deepen up the crease or use in the outer V.

L-R Shimma Shimma, Naked Lunch, Ricepaper, Nylon, Omega, Soft Brown, Creme Brûlée and Frappe

Make Up Geek Cocoa Bear- a very popular colour and understandably so, this one is a gorgeous deep, red toned brown.

Mac Swiss Chocolate- exactly what it says on the tin, a chocolate toned, matte brown. It's such a rich, warm brown but I have to admit doesn't have the strongest colour pay off so you will need to build this one up a little.

Mac Corduroy- I do like a matte brown shade, can you tell? Ha! This one I have to admit isn't a million miles away from Swiss Chocolate but its definitely on the darker side.

Mac Quarry- with lots of brown crease and transition shades I, of course, need a cool toned grey to hand for when I want to create a traditional grey smokey eye.

Mac Rule- I absolutely love an orange eye this time of year, especially when the rest of the look is bronze. This is a bright, matte shade, don't let it scare you because it applies beautifully.

Mac Red Brick- this steps it up another notched from Rule and they pair together so well. I would say this is still primarily an orange shade but it absolutely has an element of red in there.

Mac Satin Taupe- one of the first ones I added to my Mac collection and one I still love to this day. This shimmery, taupe is my 'go to' when creating a shimmery, smokey eye.

Make Up Geek Flame Thrower- from the 'foiled' range and OMG it's just stunning isn't it? Enough said.

L-R Cocoa Bear, Swiss Chocolate, Corduroy, Quarry, Rule, Red Brick, Satin Taupe and Flame Thrower
Make Up Geek Cosmopolitan- an absolutely gorgeous shade that has gold and pink thrown in there, it shines different colours in different lights. Beautiful!

Mac Antiqued- this is a well pigmented shade and I just love the ever so slightly red undertone, it just gives a regular bronze a little twist.

Mac Woodwinked- the ultimate lazy day eyeshadow, a bronze shade that looks great all on its own, blended out with a fluffy brush.

Mac Amber Lights- such an easy shade to wear as its so pigmented, you literally need one swipe and the colour pay off is amazing.

Mac Cranberry- this is a great colour all year round but I use it even more in the colder months to give a pop of colour to my make up. The name is a perfect description and it has a subtle sheen throughout.

Make Up Geek Anarchy- Ok, so this is basically the twin of 'Cranberry'. I didn't realise how similar they were until I swatched them next to each other! Oops!

Make Up Geek Bitten- a dark, matte purple shade which works great when I'm trying to deepen up a purple eye.

Mac Coppering- a very pretty red with a hint of gold in there. This is another one that works with other shades but can totally be warn as a wash of colour all over the lid.

L-R Cosmopolitan, Antiqued, Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Cranberry, Anarchy, Bitten and Coppering

Mac Sumptuous Olive- this golden, olive shade has got to be one of my favourite single eyeshadows ever. I don't use it loads but on the days I do I always have a 'good make up' day. It just compliments brown eyes so well.

Make Up Geek Jester- another 'foiled' colour and again, how stunning is this? I love how green compliments my green eyes and this is such a stand out colour.

Mac Smut- a matt, dark shade that is perfect for finishing off a smokey eye or using smudged as an eyelid.

L-R Sumptuous Olive, Jester and Smut
What products do you have hanging about in your Z Palette?

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