Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Loreal Paris Paradise Mascara and Brow Pomade

When I saw these new releases from L'Oreal had finally landed in the UK I let out a little gasp and added them to my shopping list. Since then I've been putting the Paradise Mascara and Paradise Brow Pomade through their paces and have come to my final conclusion on this duo.

First, lets take notice of the gorgeous, pink/rose gold packaging. I mean.... its just so damn pretty. This is also different from L'Oreal which I like, I love it when a brand releases something a little unexpected. The packaging is absolutely adorable in a rose gold colour with white writing. I know it isn't everything but lets be honest, who isn't a sucker for nice packaging?

The Paradise Brow Pomade (£9.99) is a similar concept to the Benefit Ka-Brow! where you get the little pot of pomade at the bottom with a brush in the lid. I haven't tried the Benefit one so can't compare on how the product works etc but I just thought it was worth noting the similarities in the packaging. The brush is teeny tiny and smaller than my usual brow brush but I got used to it quickly and found it handy for really getting in there and sculpting those eyebrows. I got the shade Ebony which is the darkest one, I often find dark eyebrow products have a red undertone to them which doesn't look right on me at all, fortunately this is the perfect colour. A little of this goes a long way, but saying that thats the case for most pomades, so I would advise going in with a light hand and building the product up. I have been enjoying using this product as its easy and you can sculpt out your brows nicely with it.

Its not very often I get that excited for a mascara launch but this one was different because it appeared so similar to my beloved Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which I have repurchased a lot in the past. However, at £20 a pop its not always the most purse friendly. The brush on the Paradise Mascara (£11.99) is almost identical to the Too Faced one so I had high hopes and I have to say.... I love it! Yay! It adds volume, it adds length what more could you want? My one annoyance with the Too Faced one has always been how after a while it starts to flake off, this one doesn't do that which is amazing. I like how this gives your lashes an almost 'wispie' look which looks really pretty and fluttery.

Overall I would recommend both of these beauties, I think they make great alternatives to high end products and are definitely proof you don't have to buy expensive
products to get fab results.

Have you tried either of these newbies? What do you think?

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