Sunday, 17 September 2017

My first ColourPop purchase!

In true Jasmine style I was super late to the ColourPop party but at last I have arrived! Wahoo! I have finally made my first purchase from this adorable brand...

Ok, so there was one main reason why it took me forever and a day to order something from ColourPop and that is because its not easily available here in the UK. We have to order from the American website which is a pain in the butt.... come on ColourPop- set yourselves up with a UK website! I managed to figure out that if your order is worth less that £15 though you don't get any annoying customs or Royal Mail charges so I bit the bullet and opted for the Yes, Please! Palette which I had seen here, there and every where. The palette itself is $16 and with delivery charges my order came to $25.99 which wasn't too outrageous I didn't think.

The Yes, Please! Palette is definetely for those warm tone eyeshadow lovers out there. It features 12 shades ranging from peaches to bronzes to reds to yellows to oranges in a mixture of mattes and shimmers. I feel I've failed a little getting this towards the end of the summer as personally I doubt I will reach for these shades loads in the colder months but what can you do?

The packaging is 'cute AF' and its nice and compact making it handy for travelling. I find the grey and yellow design eye-catching but I do wish a mirror was incorporated somewhere. 

The pigment on these shadows packs a pretty decent punch, especially considering the price point, and I found them easy to work with. The shimmers took a little work to build up on the eyelid but it was worth it as they looked great once finished, particularly the stunner that is Chaffeur. The stand out shade for me is 'Mischief' which is a bright yellow, to start with I didn't think this would suit me but I was actually pleasantly surprised when I incorporated it into a look. I also love the red tones of Spoiled and GNO. This palette doesn't include a black shade which I know bugs a lot of people when it comes to palettes but personally for me I would always use an actual liner rather than a shadow anyway.

L-R Full Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Bling, Louie and Butter Cake

L-R Spoiled, GNO, Mischief, Note To Self, Chaffeur and French Kiss

Overall I have been really pleased with this little cutie from ColourPop and now find myself spending a lot of time browsing the website for my next purchases. Help me guys! What do I get? The Super Shock Shadows? The Lippie Stix? One of their other fab looking products? I just don't know!!


  1. I love ColourPop, but the customs really put me off. I'm glad you're happy with yours! This palette is beautiful, got to love warm tones xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I wont be ordering from them regularly at all but I HAD to try something as everyone seem to love that brand! Xx