Monday, 4 September 2017

The lipsticks in my handbag

At any one time its safe to say I will have numerous lip products lurking in the deep, dark depths of my handbag so I thought it would be fun to see whats in there at the moment and give my opinion on them. Overall there were actually 15 wonder my handbag is always so heavy!

Every single one of these products sit more or less in the nude category which is so funny to me as I never used to be much of a 'nude' girl, I used to love my colours and brights and whilst I still do I definitely don't reach for them half as much as I would have before.

Primark Matte Lip Kit in Cookie Dough- I have only given this a go once and since then its lived in my handbag forgotten about- oops! However, that isn't because I disliked this product, in fact I was actually quite impressed by it. The application and longevity were good and better than I expected. The lip liner is quite soft though so I'm not sure how long it would last with all the sharpening it would need but at £3 for the whole kit, who am I to complain?

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Lolita and Lolita II- This formula is defo one of my fave liquid lipstick formulas, as you have probably guessed from the fact I'm carrying around three of them with me! They all dry down matte and are so comfortable to wear. I don't find them to be quite as long wearing as is claimed but I don't mind too much because they reapply nicely. I feel like Lolita is the shade Kat Von D is known for with its pink, mauve hue whereas Lolita II is my personal favourite with its terracotta colour.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Rome- whilst we're on the subject of Lolita I noticed when swatching that the Rome Soft Matte Lip Cream is incredibly similar so a fab alternative at a fraction of the price. It has a dusty, mauve tone to it that looks a touch pinker than the Kat Von D version but other than that they are pretty damn similar. I love the mousse texture of these lip creams but do find because of that they sometimes need a little more building to really get that colour pay off. If you don't know these smell like cake which I know is a fairly pointless quality but one I couldn't help but mention *drools on keyboard*.

L-R Primark Matte Lip Kit in Cookie Dough- Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick, Kat Von D Lolita, Kat Von D Lolita II, Nyx Rome

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Amulet- this is something I picked up recently at a launch event for the Naked Heat Palette and to be honest I got it on a bit of a whim. I think the colour is absolutely beautiful and a bit different for me being a shimmery, mauve colour. Ok, the mauve isn't different but the shimmer is, shimmery lips are not normally my thing but I feel like they are becoming a bit more on trend so I thought I would give this one a shot. I actually really like the finish of this but the few times I've worn it I haven't found it particularly long wearing.

Nyx Liquid Suede and Nyx Suede Matte Lipliner both in Sandstorm- I have spoken about this little combo before and still use it on a regular basis. This is a muted brown toned nude and I think the colour is pretty unique, its not just a bog standard brown there is a little something else in there... I don't know if 'greige' would be the right term? I find this so hard to describe! The formula of the lippie on its own is great but the lipliner just adds that extra staying power.

Mac Lipstick in Spirit- a Satin finishes which is my favourite from Mac, I just love how they stay put, don't dry out your lips and have a subtle sheen to them without being in your face glossy. Spirit is one of those 90's shades and sits between a brown and a pink toned nude, for that reason this would look great on loads of different skin tones.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Love & O'Beige- this is handy if you just want to add a little shine to your lips but if you're wanting something with a decent amount of pigment this isn't your guy. It's a very sheer peachy beige shade and for me it's just too sheer, if I want something to add a little shine then I will reach for a gloss or balm. Having said that this would come in handy to use over the top of matte lipsticks if you wanted to change them up a bit.

L-R Urban Decay Amulet, Nyx Suede Matte Lipliner in Sandstorm, Nyx Liquid Suede in Sandstorm, Mac Spirit, Soap & Glory Love & O-Beige

Too Faced Melted Matte in Sell Out- I still have no idea why I only own one of these because the formula is amazing. I find it applies so smooth and opaque that one layer is all you need and you're good to go. I love the pink tone and when its on the lips it actually looks fairly vibrant which was surprising to me as in the tube I think it looks completely different!

L'Oreal Infallible Nudist Lip Paint in Babe-in- this does not deserve a place in my handbag. It's  probably the most disappointing lip product I have tried in a while, after what seems like two minutes its completely gone! There was a lot of hype surrounding these when they came out so of course me being me ran out and got one. I don't get what is so good about something that would need reapplying every half an hour to keep it looking halfway decent. I'm not just saying you get a little fading in the corners it completely vanishes on the whole lip. Bizarre!

Mac Spice Lipliner- this rarely leaves my handbag, I just love wearing on its own or paired with a lipstick such as Spirit. It's a bit of a classic isn't it?

Mac Lipstick in Faux- another Satin finish but this time a mauve, I've got back into wearing this recently and think its a great shade to wear all year round.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare- a brighter pink but IMO its still 'nude' enough to work well for day to day. I think if you're looking to branch out into colour without going full on then Double Dare is a great option to step out of your comfort zone.

L-R Too Faced Sell Out, L'Oreal Babe-in, Mac Lip Liner in Spice, Mac Faux and Kat Von D Double Wear

What lipsticks are in the bottom of your handbag?


  1. Hi Jasmine, great post. I don't really carry a bunch of lipsticks in my bag anymore. I usually just carry one for that day. But the ones I have scattered on my dresser are: Clinique's Black Honey, it's a vampy, sheer, plump color, it's really usable and I've repurchased many times. Another one is Tender Heart, a wearable brown/pink that I wear around the year. I just bought Mac's Macron the other day. Another brown/nude lipstick, after you blot it a couple of time, you get a beautiful wash of color. Just love love lipsticks 😍

    1. I really need to cut down on how many I'm carrying about with me! haha!! Awww they all sound lovely. Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment :) Xx

  2. Spirit is one of my fave Mac lippie shades and I feel like not enough people talk about it. Its such a perfect nude for my skin tone and is so balanced that its just a pleasure to wear every time xxx

    1. I saw Meg Hobson talking about Spirit and thought 'yep, I need that in my life' its definitely one of the best Mac lipsticks I've bought in a long time. Xx

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