Friday, 26 January 2018

Bargain Beauty: Blushers

Now lets be honest, who doesn't love a bargain? Well I certainly do and sometimes when you have such a pricey hobby (beauty blogging!) you need to find a few steals. I have so many great purse friendly options in my collection so I expect I'll do a few of these posts but lets get cracking with blushers.

First up is Sleek who do some pretty amazing blushers (£4.99) that are full of pigment and come in a wide range of shades. They come in a 'sleek' (Sorry, I couldn't resist) little black compact that has a handy mirror in the lid. There are a range of shimmers, I have Rose Gold which is a gorgeous pink shade with a gold shimmer running through it, not dissimilar from the famous Nars Orgasm. Flamingo is a much more in your face pink with a matte finish which I will confess I don't reach for all that much. I wanted to give it a mention though as this would look amazing of people with darker skin tones.

L-R Flamingo and Rose Gold

I discovered the blushers from Essence last year and they have become favourites of mine. Also, with their £1 price tag whats not to like? They come in two different finishes- 'Satin Touch' and 'Matt Touch'. The Satin ones are the ones I use more as I prefer a blush with a slight sheen to it. Satin Coral is exactly what it says on the tin and Satin Love (my personal favourite of the four) is a rose-mauve shade. In the Matt formula I have Peach Me Up which is a vibrant peachy tone and Berry Me Up is a deep toned pink. All four of these gems have pigmentation that packs a punch and a seriously smooth formula. On me I find they stay put well and don't fade away into nothing by the end of the day.

L-R Coral Me Up, Berry Me Up, Satin Love and Satin Coral
Milani are another brand that do budget blushers so well, a little more expensive than the likes of Essence and Sleek but still affordable.  The Baked Blush in Luminoso (£10) is a very popular one in the blogging world, and for a good reason, its a pretty peach shade with a gold shimmer which really does make your skin look luminous. I've been using this a lot lately as my skin has needed a little pick me up and this works a treat. The Powder Blushers (£12) are simply stunning to look at, almost to the point where I don't want to use them and ruin the rose design. Romantic Rose is a dusty pink shade whereas Tea Rose is described perfectly as a 'baby pink'. Romantic Rose is the one I use on a more regular basis but Tea Rose always makes more of an appearance in my Spring and Summer make up routines. The formula of these is matte.

L-R Romantic Rose, Tea Rose and Luminoso
My poor, battered Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba (£1.99) has seen better days. The whole of Natural Collection has recently been repackaged so I need to get with the times and upgrade mine soon. It might look a bit sorry for itself but don't let that put you off as this is one of my all time favourites. It's a matte toned 'dirty' peach shade I would say, its not super bright but much more muted which personally I love as I prefer my cheeks to be more neutral most of the time.

The Rimmel Mono Blush in Santa Rose (£3.99) is a product that has been around for years. It comes in simple (slighty boring, dare I say) packaging and I have to admit doesn't look much in the pan. However, it gives the perfect natural flush to skin, particularly if you are very fair like I am. I wouldn't say its shimmery as such but there is definitely a 'glowy' element to this pink shade.

I'm aware that my Nyx High Definition Blush in Hamptons (£6) looks hardly touched and thats because its so insanely pigmented that too much of this on the brush and you end up looking very clown-esque. If I'm honest its probably not the right shade for me but when I saw it I fell in love straight away so had to take it home. It's a very uplifting, fun shade that again I'm looking forward to experimenting with more as the weather warms up.

Last but by no means least is the Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink (£8.99). I love the marble effect of these blushers, they're just so pretty to look at and remind me of the Hourglass ones. I've tried a few shades of these in the past but Seductive Pink has always been my favourite. Its a standard mid toned pink that compliments lots of make up looks and gives a very natural looking radiant flush to the skin.

L-R Peach Melba, Seductive Pink, Santa Rose and Hamptons
What purse friendly blushers do you love? Are any of these your faves?


  1. You've picked the absolute best affordable blushers here. I love Sleek for their range and pigmented shades. Essence are by far my fave too and I would happily pay more for their blushers xxx

    1. I know, how do they do it for £1?? Makes you questions these brands that charge £20+ Xx