Monday, 8 January 2018

My 2018 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year you lovely lot!

I didn't plan on doing one of these posts but over the past couple of days I have decided a few of my beauty related habits need changing. Therefore writing it down and sharing it with you all means I might be a little more inclined to stick to it. I've got three resolutions, any more than that and there is no way I would have stuck to them, and they're fairly standard but I'm hoping they will work wonders for my collection.

Resolution 1

Firstly a massive declutter is in order! I have no idea what I do and don't have. To the point I've been in shops and actually stood there trying to work out if I already have it at home somewhere- thats when you know you have a problem!! I'm hoping that by having a sort out I can actually see what I have, get rid of stuff I don't like and maybe justify making room for a few new sneaky purchases. I'm going to declutter by category bit by bit so that it feels a little less daunting because I'm not going to lie, my collection at the moment is an absolute tip so it'll take some work. I then also need to make a point of having a declutter once every few months so that it doesn't spiral out of control again!!

Resolution 2 

Once I've had a clear out I need to utilise the collection thats left. I am such a creature of habit when it comes to make up, especially my day to day routine, once I find something I like I just use it over and over and over. This results in a lot of my collection not getting much attention. Something that I thought might help with this is going back to having a regular switch up of my day to day make up bag, I got into a good habit of this a few months ago, so once a week I'm going to make a point of having a rummage in my stash and picking some things to use over the next week.

Resolution 3 

My last one is going to be to expand my knowledge on skincare, I stick to the same products and very rarely buy something different. I want to learn more about what works for my skin and how I can improve it. Leave me any links below to posts that you might think I'll find useful to get me going on this one.

Wish me luck on these, I really want to stick to them!

What are your beauty resolutions?


  1. Beautiful update on the blog Jasmine. I love your resolutions and I can vouch that if you do stick to them, it will be well worth it. Decluttering my makeup collection actually made me fall more in love with makeup as I was only left with the things that I truly loved and enjoyed using xxx


    1. Thank you! I have to admit I took a little inspo from all your decluttering, I'll keep you update on progress hahaha, wish me luck! Xxx